你知道STMA在奥地利有一个“姐妹学校”吗?  Dr. 克里斯蒂安·阿尔廷·冯·格索, 国际神学院院长, 在过去的10年里去过罗利很多次.  他对李先生印象深刻. Luddy’s vision and by STMA's strong outcomes that the idea of doing something similar in Austria began to take shape.  Inspired by and modeled upon STMA, the Schola Thomas Morus opened its doors in 2013. It is the first Catholic Classical 课程 school in Austria and the school has been growing rapidly since it foundation, already in 2017 having to move to a new and larger school building.  2018年,一座新的田径场建成.  学校建筑计划于2020年进一步扩建.

更多信息: http://www.scholathomasmorus.at

为Schola Thomas Morus祈祷, ,他们, 国家烟草专卖局像, 在他们为神的国工作的过程中会得到许多祝福.